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How To Build An Email List

At the heart of any email marketing campaign is the list you are mailing to. So, how to build an email list? Where do you get that list from? The email list you use when sending out your campaign is critical. In our world of social connections you want to make sure you do not … Continue reading “How To Build An Email List”

Is Email Marketing Right For Your Business

Email marketing is a great way to stay in touch with current customers as well as engage with new prospects. However, it may not be the best approach for your brand. How do you decide if email marketing is right for you? Here are a few things to consider. First, Do I Know You? Where did … Continue reading “Is Email Marketing Right For Your Business”

A Quick Guide to Persona Marketing

Persona Marketing is using a person’s browsing habits, buying apps, app usage and other indicators to identify key demographic indicators and deliver messaging for your brand. Sound scary? Only if it’s not done well. The Goal is Communication When a brand is looking at advertising, the goal is to communicate your story to the right … Continue reading “A Quick Guide to Persona Marketing”

Some things to consider when blogging

Blogging is a form of creative writing if done well. It’s expressive as much as a design created with Illustrator or other program. But it also has to be useful and fresh. When blogging or thinking about how to reach your audience it’s important to think about the following: Keywords One Blogging tip to consider … Continue reading “Some things to consider when blogging”

Is Digital Advertising Invasive

When we begin a conversation around our digital engagement the question, “Is digital advertising invasive or creepy?”, usually comes up. My answer is, “It can be. But we use our powers for good.” With that said, here is how a non-invasive digital campaign works. Once the demographic profile and geography of your target customer are … Continue reading “Is Digital Advertising Invasive”

Is there anything left to say?

I’ve been blogging for about 12 years now and honestly I almost feel like I’m just on repeat. I’ve blogged about WordPress, marketing, web, design trends and methods as well as UX strategy. So here it is 2018 and I feel like I’ve said it all in 2017. WordPress In 2018 we will see a … Continue reading “Is there anything left to say?”

Google vs Amazon and Mobile Advertising

Mobile advertising is crowding the internet with online ads. And the biggest giants are using their space to serve ads to get shoppers. When you hear the name Google it’s reasonable to hear SEO or Search. Products are on Google for online shoppers to look for that gift for their family or friends. But Google’s … Continue reading “Google vs Amazon and Mobile Advertising”

Marketing Your WordPress Website

WordPress is much more than just a quick way to get a website. It is an engine that can carry your business forward through the 21st century. Your marketing team needs a tool to publish that’s easy, quick and flexible. Here we want to share how to marketing your WordPress website. Over the years WordPress has … Continue reading “Marketing Your WordPress Website”

What Is A Online Marketer?

There was a time when a web designer was not associated with a web developer. Then that all changed. Now online marketer and web designer job ads include descriptions of responsibilities normally handled by a web developer. Moreover, programmers, app development and other kinds of development are all getting mixed together along with system admin’s. … Continue reading “What Is A Online Marketer?”

Podcast Ep09 – The Bean Boozled Challenge

In this episode Bill Reynolds and David Rockey have a conversation about power point presentations while taking the Bean Boozled Challenge. Listen in on Marketing and Presentation Methods and more with them hopefully not gagging. Big thanks to Ray, Kaylin and Olga for helping with this podcast! Key points: Test your power point ahead of … Continue reading “Podcast Ep09 – The Bean Boozled Challenge”