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How To Use IP Targeting With Job Title

IP Targeting is a great technology that allows you to send digital advertising to a specific IP address. Every home or office building that has a connection has one or more IP addresses. In a marketing strategy of B2B marketing, this would allow you to send messaging about your brand into a targeted business. (You … Continue reading “How To Use IP Targeting With Job Title”

Podcast Ep17 – Facebook Ads and Boosted Posts

Facebook has made changes to it’s algorithm and Kaylin has discovered a work around to getting pages back on the feed. Though she warns it may take a little digging into your profile settings. Also, we discuss Facebook Ads and Boosted Posts. That is ads, ads performance, content to share and what the difference is between … Continue reading “Podcast Ep17 – Facebook Ads and Boosted Posts”

Is Digital Advertising Invasive

When we begin a conversation around our digital engagement the question, “Is digital advertising invasive or creepy?”, usually comes up. My answer is, “It can be. But we use our powers for good.” With that said, here is how a non-invasive digital campaign works. Once the demographic profile and geography of your target customer are … Continue reading “Is Digital Advertising Invasive”

Trade Show Marketing Strategy

Trade show season is upon us as thousands of people gather together to see the latest technologies, widgets and offerings. Vendors compete for attention with giveaways, models, product demonstrations and discounts. When you walk into the show expo floor, you are bombarded with lights, sounds and imagery. To compound the issue, vendors are forced to … Continue reading “Trade Show Marketing Strategy”

Google vs Amazon and Mobile Advertising

Mobile advertising is crowding the internet with online ads. And the biggest giants are using their space to serve ads to get shoppers. When you hear the name Google it’s reasonable to hear SEO or Search. Products are on Google for online shoppers to look for that gift for their family or friends. But Google’s … Continue reading “Google vs Amazon and Mobile Advertising”

Demographic Data Mining with Geofencing

Demographic data is a key element in effective marketing. It can be used to decide how to create the message for your product or service as well as decide how to deliver it. Here’s what I mean. Say you are looking to sell a new software service to CFOs of Fortune 500 companies. Using fun … Continue reading “Demographic Data Mining with Geofencing”

IP Targeting vs. Geofencing: Which is Better at Attracting More Leads?

As a business owner, your goal is to attract more prospects so you can nurture them into viable leads and ultimately convert into a sale. Whew, that’s a mouth full! With digital targeting, what is the best solution for attracting more leads? Let’s take a look at 2 technologies, IP Targeting and Geofencing, and see how each … Continue reading “IP Targeting vs. Geofencing: Which is Better at Attracting More Leads?”

Best Trade Show Advertising Choice

In our series we’ve looked at Geofencing, IP Targeting and Beacons. Now, let’s put them into a real-life scenario and see which would be the best fit for you to use. Let’s head to a trade show! Heading to the Trade Show So you are heading out to a trade show and want to effectively … Continue reading “Best Trade Show Advertising Choice”

Geofencing and Restaurant Marketing

Restaurants are always looking to increase ticket counts and attract more loyal customers. To that end, advertising is critical in getting your message out and keeping top of mind awareness. With the number of advertising choices in the market, you have to wonder which is the best. We here at Element 502 believe you should take … Continue reading “Geofencing and Restaurant Marketing”

Battle of the Digital Targeting Titans

There are 3 main technologies that are used in the world of mobile digital advertising. Our goal over the next few posts is to introduce each technology and show you real world uses. At the end, we’ll see which technology is best for your application. It’s set to be a battle royale. Who will win … Continue reading “Battle of the Digital Targeting Titans”