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Podcast Ep09 – The Bean Boozled Challenge

In this episode Bill Reynolds and David Rockey have a conversation about power point presentations while taking the Bean Boozled Challenge. Listen in on Marketing and Presentation Methods and more with them hopefully not gagging. Big thanks to Ray, Kaylin and Olga for helping with this podcast! Key points: Test your power point ahead of … Continue reading “Podcast Ep09 – The Bean Boozled Challenge”

Podcast Ep08 – Ducktales and Bad Marketing

Just because you think your marketing is awesome, doesn’t always mean the product is. This results in Bad Marketing due to a poor product. In this episode we discuss how some products on the surface appear to be great. But if one would take a step back and look, it has flaws. No ones product is … Continue reading “Podcast Ep08 – Ducktales and Bad Marketing”

Podcast Ep06 – The Importance of Being Authentic

In this episode so we talk about the importance of being authentic online. As an agency among hundreds of other agencies it’s on our radar. Especially in an industry where some feel honesty is hard to come by. Listen in as we delve into a conversation about being authentic online between Bill and Jason at … Continue reading “Podcast Ep06 – The Importance of Being Authentic”

Podcast Ep05 – Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

In this podcast episode we talk to Bill Reynolds and jump into a conversation about Customer Relationship Management. A CRM or Customer Relationship Management is a how you manage a business’s relationships. As well as interactions with customers and potential customers. Why is a CRM Important? A CRM is one of most important things you have to have in order … Continue reading “Podcast Ep05 – Customer Relationship Management (CRM)”

Podcast Ep03 – Importance of community involvement for business

In this episode of our podcast Element After 502 we discuss the importance of community involvement for business. David was volunteering with the Jeffersontown Chamber, Gas Light Festival. The value of participating to grow relationships for B2B and B2C success is key to networking and meeting new people. David tells us all about how he … Continue reading “Podcast Ep03 – Importance of community involvement for business”

Podcast Ep02 – Waverly Hills Sanatorium and LIBA

Kaylin visited with LIBA for their networking event at Waverly Hills Sanatorium. Waverly has a colorful history. And is a beautiful place to see during the day, but at night it’s known for being haunted. Currently there are plans to transform the facility into a Bed and Breakfast. As well as with shopping on the … Continue reading “Podcast Ep02 – Waverly Hills Sanatorium and LIBA”

Podcast Ep01 – In Person Marketing

In this episode we discuss with Bill Reynolds and David Rockey about in person marketing and leave behinds when meeting and networking with clients. Creating a connection today in a digital world isn’t easy. The Psychological Value of In Person Marketing In person experiences In person experiences are a chance to establish a human connection. … Continue reading “Podcast Ep01 – In Person Marketing”