Some things to consider when blogging

Some things to consider when blogging

Blogging is a form of creative writing if done well. It’s expressive as much as a design created with Illustrator or other program. But it also has to be useful and fresh. When blogging or thinking about how to reach your audience it’s important to think about the following:


One Blogging tip to consider is how keywords play an important role in a domain. Good keywords in the domain also assist in ranking higher in the search engine. It’s that simple.


The word Google has nothing to do with a search engine, but now it dominates the web. So keep in mind about branding while registering the domain name.

Enter Panabee

As the home page tells you, helps brainstorm names for your domain, business, or app.

It will give you combinations that may be useful, or completely ridiculous depending on what you enter.

It’s common practice to keep domain names as short as possible so that it can be quickly typed and also so that they’re easier to remember. No one wants to type or remember how to spell, – though I hear it’s for sale.

Domain Extension (.net, .org, .com oh my…)

While we know that .com is the most popular extension for domains, don’t limit yourself. Get the extension that suits you the most for your purposes. So if your blog is about an organization then get .org.

Domain Registrars

There are hundreds of domain registrars on the web that are offering you domain registration and more. But like many other scams on the web, there are scam domain registrars that disappear every three months, and you get left hanging or robbed.

Stick to reputable ones. GoDaddy is a good start as well as Network Solutions.

Write Down Your Goals! Do it NOW!

Before you start blogging, THINK about what you want to write about. Don’t just upchuck on the internet what you thought about at that moment, unless you are striving for random, then go ahead. But don’t bet people will be reading you later or adding you to a bookmark.

Set some writing goals. Pick a topic and stay with it and master it.

Keep Your Blog Post Short & Simple

The main reason to keep it short is to reduce your spelling and grammatical errors. Also, no one wants to read a book on something when the heading and first couple of sentences should do. About 700 characters should do or include a video, that always is better.

Use images at specific places to give the readers eyes a good rest and use those headings!

Also, I know we want to crowd our posts with stuff. Frankly, it’s annoying to walk into a retail store and there are palettes in the aisle to walk around. So don’t do that to your blog. Avoid left or right justifying an image. It keeps the left margin (which everyone follows) flowing and doesn’t break it.

Well that’s all for now! Happy Blogging!

Check out our friends at Caseo and their article on titled: “You’re Doing it Wrong! How to Blog in 2018” for a more comprehensive article on this subject.

I have been in marketing and technology for more than 20 years and have worked in many industries and worn many hats. From independent consultant, to cooking school, to establishing technology centers, it was a Spirit led adventure that landed me in the president & owner’s seat at Element 502.

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