Experts in digital marketing, online advertising, creative web design, custom WordPress development, graphic design & print media.


Element 502 is a creative advertising agency that knows what it takes to connect your brand with its target audience.

Our extensive background in advertising and marketing, paired with unrivaled skill sets in creative website and graphic design, help us create, implement, and maintain successful digital marketing and advertising strategies in today’s changing business environment.


Creative Nerds

Not all superheroes wear masks

But they do wear cool T-shirts.

We don’t like boring marketing, ugly websites, and dull graphic designs. We do love experimenting with new marketing techniques and offering modern branding services like responsive web design, content marketing and social media awareness. We constantly test new marketing trends and tactics in house, finding out what works and what doesn’t, before sharing them with our clients. We like to keep ourselves, and you, ahead of the curve.


The 502 story

Your job is stressful enough! The last thing you need is for your partners to be a hassle. To help you avoid these kind of headaches, we offer transparent and straight-forward solutions. To us, you’re not just another client, rather we see you as our partner. We are invested in your future – we want to see you grow. Our success is due to our great relationships with our partners. When you look good, we look good.

How we do it

Working alongside you to achieve your goals is our drive.

Based in Louisville, Kentucky – the heart of the 502 – our marketing arms stretch far and wide, promoting your brand through traditional and digital avenues. We speak the language of modern marketing, so whether it’s web design, graphic design, business development or a combination of the three, we’ve got you covered.


Designing for the way you live.

A motto we could not agree with more as designers and creatives. For 160 years Bittners has been creating these inspirational, timeless environments.

They set the bar high and always design with an uncompromising commitment to quality that is the hallmark of Bittners today.

We created Bittner’s website to be visually inviting, informational, and easy to navigate. Using our custom WordPress theme, it gives them the ability to control the presentation of content on its website from one central login.