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How’s Your Post-Pandemic Marketing Plan?

By the time that all of this is over, COVID-19 will have shaped a drastically different image of the American workforce. Whether your company was ready for it or not, we all had to adjust to the reality that many jobs can be done from any place in the world. In this specific situation, nearly … Continue reading “How’s Your Post-Pandemic Marketing Plan?”

Let’s Throw a Party!

Throwing a customer appreciation event is a big undertaking. One of the things that is most important in making sure that all the effort was worth it is to design some marketing around the event to encourage people to come. A year ago, Element 502 underwent a brand refresh. We had all new logos, whitepapers, … Continue reading “Let’s Throw a Party!”

Importance of Understanding Your Advertising Space

Understanding the space and content constraints of any medium is paramount to success in marketing and advertising. Making an impact and giving enough information for someone to want to know more is what is important in visual advertising. Think of visual advertising like a dinner party with strangers, you tend to avoid the kinds of … Continue reading “Importance of Understanding Your Advertising Space”

Adding Buyer Intent Marketing to Your Advertising Strategy

Buyer intent marketing is the process of setting up an advertising campaign specific to not only a demographic but a demographic that is showing an intent to buy your product or service. When used as part of your overall strategy, buyer intent is a powerful addition to any marketing strategy. Let me show you why. … Continue reading “Adding Buyer Intent Marketing to Your Advertising Strategy”

Digital Marketing Pre-Planning Guide

So, you want to start marketing digitally? What should you start with?  Every day we here at Element 502 talk to clients about growing their brand and expanding their business reach. Many clients have dipped their toe in the water with some experiments with things like Google Adwords, Facebook ads, or more enhanced digital targeting. Maybe … Continue reading “Digital Marketing Pre-Planning Guide”

Lead Nurturing With Your CRM

Getting leads through your website and other marketing efforts can be hard. Only good content and a compelling message are enough to breakthrough the litany of ads and competing marketing to resonate with a potential client. Good quality leads that are generated through customer referrals, website traffic, and external marketing are hard enough to get … Continue reading “Lead Nurturing With Your CRM”

How To Set Your Google Ads Budget

The usual starting point for setting up a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign is to establish your Google Ads Budget. In fact, the most asked question we get is “How much will this cost?” followed closely by “What is the Return on Investment (ROI) of a Google Ads campaign?”. Both are good questions. However, the answer isn’t … Continue reading “How To Set Your Google Ads Budget”

Looking Through A Glass Onion

Bourbon is booming, and advertising agencies are loving it. Lots of launch parties, tastings, tours, and speakeasy meetings. It’s a great time to showcase new label designs, web and print ads, and creative POP materials. Graphic designers LOVE bourbon, and I’m not talking about the taste. Liquor ads and collaterals are arguably one of the … Continue reading “Looking Through A Glass Onion”

Email Marketing Message Crafting

In an email marketing campaign, the email marketing message you are sending is just as critical as the list you use. The list may identify the right person, but are you speaking their language? When crafting your email marketing message, make sure you speak to your audience, not at them. Email Marketing Message When you begin to … Continue reading “Email Marketing Message Crafting”

What Goes in to a Brand Refresh?

So, your business has been established for a while and for a litany of reasons, you have decided to update your company branding/logo/website, etc. What exactly goes into that process and what might you miss in that process? Most businesses start out with meager resources and the help of friends or use of free resources … Continue reading “What Goes in to a Brand Refresh?”