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Podcast Ep16 – The Toe of Satan Challenge

Bill and David answer questions while sucking on the hottest candy. It’s the toe of Satan challenge. Each contestant must answer clearly as possibly the question after removing The Toe of Satan. Or while still having it in their mouth. The things we do. The questions: Will Making Users Verify Email Upon Entering My Website, … Continue reading “Podcast Ep16 – The Toe of Satan Challenge”

Podcast Ep14 – Why we switched to Android

There’s a story behind why we switched to Android. For years, many of us have been either iPhone or Windows Phone users. Now things have simply gotten better on the other side of the fence in Android land. In this episode we discuss how and why we switched device brands and our view of the … Continue reading “Podcast Ep14 – Why we switched to Android”

Podcast Ep09 – The Bean Boozled Challenge

In this episode Bill Reynolds and David Rockey have a conversation about power point presentations while taking the Bean Boozled Challenge. Listen in on Marketing and Presentation Methods and more with them hopefully not gagging. Big thanks to Ray, Kaylin and Olga for helping with this podcast! Key points: Test your power point ahead of … Continue reading “Podcast Ep09 – The Bean Boozled Challenge”

Podcast Ep08 – Ducktales and Bad Marketing

Just because you think your marketing is awesome, doesn’t always mean the product is. This results in Bad Marketing due to a poor product. In this episode we discuss how some products on the surface appear to be great. But if one would take a step back and look, it has flaws. No ones product is … Continue reading “Podcast Ep08 – Ducktales and Bad Marketing”

Podcast Ep10 – Advertising 101

In this episode we’re talking with the main 502 Hero Bill Reynolds about advertising 101. We take our discussion from SEO to imagery chosen to represent your brand. And we also talk about content and tone with a new word that Bill makes up. If you can spell it, it’s a word is what we … Continue reading “Podcast Ep10 – Advertising 101”

Podcast Ep03 – Importance of community involvement for business

In this episode of our podcast Element After 502 we discuss the importance of community involvement for business. David was volunteering with the Jeffersontown Chamber, Gas Light Festival. The value of participating to grow relationships for B2B and B2C success is key to networking and meeting new people. David tells us all about how he … Continue reading “Podcast Ep03 – Importance of community involvement for business”