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What are Meta Robot Tags?

So what are meta robot tags? First things first, what is a meta robot tag? A meta robot tag is a tag imbedded in your website that tells search engines what to look for. It lets search engines know what to follow and what to avoid. It’s most often a piece of code in the … Continue reading “What are Meta Robot Tags?”

Keeping Up With Social Media Trends

When Mark Zuckerberg founded Facebook in 2004 he had college students at the forefront of his mind. The social media trends to follow would be monumental. Zuckerberg’s brainchild was virtually another social hour for Harvard students to share to their heart’s desires. Now we see that Facebook has grown into an empire that almost everyone … Continue reading “Keeping Up With Social Media Trends”

Image SEO – Optimization in WordPress

First before we share about how to go about how perform image SEO. Let’s talk about usage rights. If you are on Google and want to use a image. Stop because you could be using a image with a license. Thus you could face serious fines and if you are lucky a simple cease and … Continue reading “Image SEO – Optimization in WordPress”

What Is The Google Console?

Previously “webmaster tools” the Google Console is for your website administrator and SEO expert. This is to verify your website to Google for submission for the search index. In short, you need this to get your website on the search engine. Google has a stranglehold on the market at 63.4% market share, this means search … Continue reading “What Is The Google Console?”

SEO content strategy guide

Content creation looks easy right? Until you sit in front of a keyboard and watch the cursor blinking at you. Creating content is very time consuming and requires research, discipline, and motivation. Your SEO content strategy should encompass how you can deliver new, engaging content to your audience. While also placing aside time and effort … Continue reading “SEO content strategy guide”

eCommerce SEO: Increase traffic to your website

Ranking Factors for ecommerce SEO websites are not like other pages. 100% of your conversions come from product pages. Using content marketing you can boost your eCommerce websites Domain Authority. Backlinks are what do this. So how do you get more traffic to your eCommerce website? In this article I want to share with you … Continue reading “eCommerce SEO: Increase traffic to your website”

Why Your Google Ranking Doesn’t Matter

I remember the days when there was such an obsession with getting on page one of the search engine results page (SERP) for Google. I’m actually being a little sarcastic, but I digress. If you are losing sleep about your ranking on Google for that one single term that isn’t a topic or makes sense … Continue reading “Why Your Google Ranking Doesn’t Matter”

What Is Search Visibility In SEO?

Search visibility is a term I use to help our customers understand that it’s not about 1 keyword or term that you should focus on to be at the top of the SERP. It’s about several and how well your current website performs. Moz explains below what search visibility is and how it’s calculated: The … Continue reading “What Is Search Visibility In SEO?”

5 Basic SEO Tips

Everyone that has a website is concerned about getting found on the search engine. This is often referred to as Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The problem with SEO is this, being found top of the list is the same goal of everyone else in your space. This becomes an issue as people begin competing to … Continue reading “5 Basic SEO Tips”

Needs Met – Pt. 3 of Google SEO Quality

In our final installment of the Google SEO Quality series we are going to look at a third part of Google’s system referred to as “Needs Met”. Let’s dive in! Needs Met Refers to Needs Met Simply defined, Needs Met is a measure meant to determine the “how much” a need was met. The question … Continue reading “Needs Met – Pt. 3 of Google SEO Quality”