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Cheap Web Hosting Is Bad For SEO

Cheap web hosting sounds like a great deal. Your site is served up everyday for all your users for a measly dollar amount¬†per month. Trouble is, you get what you pay for, but what exactly does that get you? Sure they have on their site “unlimited” everything, but is it really? No, it’s a selling … Continue reading “Cheap Web Hosting Is Bad For SEO”

Make Your Website Images Load Faster

Many people I talk to love adding images to their WordPress site. Which is exactly what everyone wants to do, and users love images and video, however, most don’t realize you can really mess up your site by not properly optimizing your images. So here’s a little how to on how to make your website … Continue reading “Make Your Website Images Load Faster”

How Google Search Works

Watching a video from Matt Cutts Vlog he introduced a site that explains how Google search works at Google and how much they deal with everyday in terms of Spam. I won’t get too much in the way about it, so here’s the video and a link to the site. Matt Cutts on How Google … Continue reading “How Google Search Works”

WordPress SEO Tips And Google Updates

I’ve blogged before about SEO and WordPress, but I recently realized I’ve not blogged about WordPress SEO tips. So here’s a quick post about that. Matt Cutt’s was a featured speaker at a WordPress WordCamp San Francisco ’09, and this to say about WordPress SEO tips: ¬†…WordPress automatically solves a ton of SEO issues… WordPress … Continue reading “WordPress SEO Tips And Google Updates”

Why Your WordPress Website Is Slow

People ask on forums all the time why their WordPress website is slow. Quite often people don’t realize it could be any number of factors from: The hosting service you’re using The computer you are on The quality of code of the theme Plugins that are not quality Or, even something simple as rebooting your … Continue reading “Why Your WordPress Website Is Slow”

Why Is My SEO Not Working

So your watching your page rank plummit, or your phone isn’t ringing as much, and now you are asking, “Why is my SEO not working?” I’ve been optimizing sites for about five years now and I stay up with the trends and what new things are out there as this business evolves. It’s possible you … Continue reading “Why Is My SEO Not Working”

Google Title And Description Character Length

One of the questions that I’ve dealt with a lot especially with companies that I have done work with online is, about Google Title And Description Character Length on a website; i.e. the <title>. Also, what is the maximum character length of the meta-descriptions on the Google snippets. What are Google snippets Some reading this … Continue reading “Google Title And Description Character Length”

WordPress Permalinks and SEO, What Does Google Think?

WordPress Permalinks and SEO are not really tricky, unless you keep messing around with them on the development side. One thing I’ve learned about this business is, you never stop learning. The day you decide to stop, is the day you limit your potential. Custom post types were introduced to WordPress after 3.0 but have … Continue reading “WordPress Permalinks and SEO, What Does Google Think?”