What Is The Google Console?

What Is The Google Console?

Previously “webmaster tools” the Google Console is for your website administrator and SEO expert. This is to verify your website to Google for submission for the search index. In short, you need this to get your website on the search engine. Google has a stranglehold on the market at 63.4% market share, this means search marketers are constantly keeping up. Which means if you are not working with one, its on you to get your business discoverable on Google.

Search Performance

Average rank position, index status, clicks, impressions and more can tell you how well your website is performing online using Google Console. The hardest thing you can do is fly blind and without using the console to connect your site, you have no eyes.

Index Coverage

If you know what pages are actually indexed this will help determine which pages to focus on. You can have four-hundred pages on your website. Only half could be actually on the search engine results page (SERP). Using the Google Console you can review any issues with indexed pages, and submit them to be resolved.

Google ConsoleAMP Status

Amplified Mobile Pages are pages that the search engine displays on mobile results only. These are the online equivalent to Facebook’s Instant Articles for the SERP. Google doesn’t have a algorithm just for mobile devices. All search results are based on a single algorithm. And as of this year Google has announced that the Search Engine is Mobile First. Meaning your index status is dependent on your website being responsive and the information on the site is available for mobile users.

This changes things for any site owner that has a m.domian.com setup. If you have a separate webpage for mobile you should read their guidelines.

Google’s new console allows for more transparency on SEO and how Google search works.

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