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What is a Branding Guide?

A branding guide is everything that your customers can identify you with online, on a billboard or on a small business card. Quality brand guides give you the information your designers or agency needs to develop or create any kind of design to market your company services or product. Without a branding guide it can … Continue reading “What is a Branding Guide?”

What Goes Into Making A Quality Website

Often we are asked what we do for our services in making a quality website for people, and we can’t answer, “test, test and retest and test some more…” Building a website is not a matter of just taking a pen and paper out and sketching out some things. It has to involve what happens … Continue reading “What Goes Into Making A Quality Website”

Branding is not just a logo

In this post I just want to share an experience a friend of mine had and a interesting book on the subject (you’ll find a link below). I had a friend go on a job interview. The placement agency advertised it as, “Family oriented atmosphere and relaxed.” Sounded like a dream job. A place that understands … Continue reading “Branding is not just a logo”

Make Your Website Images Load Faster

Many people I talk to love adding images to their WordPress site. Which is exactly what everyone wants to do, and users love images and video, however, most don’t realize you can really mess up your site by not properly optimizing your images. So here’s a little how to on how to make your website … Continue reading “Make Your Website Images Load Faster”

Images In Web Design

Images in web design is huge today. Seriously. Have you seen the creative way some sites use imagery lately? I’m a little guilty myself. There are a lot of websites today that are making use of photography more and more, and not just the portfolio websites. And I’m sure you’re aware that they’re not just … Continue reading “Images In Web Design”

When Is It Time To Redesign Your Website

So are you wondering, “when is it time to redesign your website?” I would like to share about three reasons here in this post of how you can tell it’s time to redesign your website. 1. Getting In Sync No, not the band. Sometimes your marketing collateral will outpace your website design. When you find … Continue reading “When Is It Time To Redesign Your Website”