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Time For A Brand Refresh

So, your business has been established for a while and for a litany of reasons, you have decided to update your company branding/logo/website, etc. What exactly goes into that process and what might you miss in that process? We know because we have helped many partners refresh their brand and as some of you may … Continue reading “Time For A Brand Refresh”

What Is A Website Strategy

A website can sell, generate leads and income 24/7 365 days a year. But only if constructed with correct code. Assuming it’s just a website is like saying it’s just a house. Wix and Square Space customers can be swayed to go this route due to cost. But there are long term problems that will … Continue reading “What Is A Website Strategy”

Why UX Strategy Is Important

UX Strategy is not UX Design, it’s a blend of both business development and UX Design. UX Strategy is big picture thinking. It’s not about the design, content, usability and the users experience with it. But with the product as a whole. Taking informational elements, human elements and desired outcomes to gage what the best … Continue reading “Why UX Strategy Is Important”

Building A Better Website

How to build a better website isn’t too hard if you know what you are doing and have knowledge of the search engines. So let me tell a quick story. Years ago I worked for someone that made the statement “any dumb***” could build a website.” Well they were incredibly wrong and somewhat right. With … Continue reading “Building A Better Website”

Cost Of A Custom WordPress Website

Before you think that it’s cheaper to use, you may want to keep reading as the platform may not be the best for a business, but only ideal for a blogger. Average businesses will cost between $3,000 and $15,000. If you work with a good agency it will cost between $8,000 and $40,000. … Continue reading “Cost Of A Custom WordPress Website”

Typography In Design

Typography in design isn’t thought of as a design element. You think of illustrated graphics, images and video. But the type font isn’t often considered with those. Typography in design isn’t thought of as a design element. Here’s how to think more about typography in your design and how you can use it. 90% of … Continue reading “Typography In Design”

Website Usability

Making a website usable by site visitors is something that is becoming more important than in the past. As mobile screens increased on the market developers needed to create sites that would work across any screen size seamlessly. But what is “Website Usability” and how do you test for it to see if yours is … Continue reading “Website Usability”

UX Design – Part 5 – White Space

White space well executed in projects is not something that gets enough attention. Cramming items together on a page limit what you want users to look at. The definition of white space is the area between design elements. It is also the space within individual design elements. Including the space between typography. In spite of … Continue reading “UX Design – Part 5 – White Space”

Designing Search Results Pages

I bet you thought this was a post about search engine optimization. I’m sorry to disappoint you. But I do have other articles you can read on that later. For this post it’s all about users searching on your website. The most common place users use this feature is on sites with many articles and … Continue reading “Designing Search Results Pages”

UX Design – Part 3 – Emotionally Purposed Design

Emotionally Purposed Designs can drive users into either loving or hating a product. These designs can also make their users feel more comfortable with their decision. Design and emotion sometimes go hand in hand. Which is why seasoned designers are not as married to projects as newer designers. Because emotion driven design also affects designers … Continue reading “UX Design – Part 3 – Emotionally Purposed Design”