Images In Web Design

Images In Web Design

Images in web design is huge today. Seriously. Have you seen the creative way some sites use imagery lately? I’m a little guilty myself. There are a lot of websites today that are making use of photography more and more, and not just the portfolio websites.

And I’m sure you’re aware that they’re not just a thumbnail size, they can take up the whole page of a sites home page. Recently I was asked what my opinion was on images and responsive design. My answer? Use them. But carefully.

Imagery is great and can communicate a story that your brand is trying to tell. However, on a mobile device you’re limited. Images can be the most difficult thing to support or display on a mobile device responsively. How you think a image should resize can be completely different in real world application.

Should I Use Stock Or Hiring A Freelance Photographer?

That depends on some things. Use stock sparingly. If it gets the point across, then fine. I use stock on my blog. But for the design and home page of a website, hire a freelance photographer. You’ll like the results better and your site will feel more organic to your visitors.

Curiosity Consulting
Curiosity Consulting

What Images Should I Use?

Creative ones. If you are proud of your brand, good for you. But use imagery that your audience will respond to. They’re already on your site. So take a break from you (unless it’s a about or staff page) and highlight your city, neighborhood or your customers. Just use something that makes it seem like you are not all about you.


Don’t let images in web design dominate your websites overall design. Have the proper balance of imagery, copy, and other artwork or content. Too much of one thing can drown out the rest.

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