Branding is not just a logo

Branding is not just a logo

In this post I just want to share an experience a friend of mine had and a interesting book on the subject (you’ll find a link below). I had a friend go on a job interview. The placement agency advertised it as, “Family oriented atmosphere and relaxed.” Sounded like a dream job. A place that understands family is first. However that is not what he discovered when he went there. The interviewer was rude, non-engaging and not prepared, according to my friend, “he seemed annoyed that I was there.” Great example for the fact that Branding is not just a logo.

Now doesn’t that sound like a great start to a career?

Your brand is how people perceive you

You can spend thousands on a website and fancy logos and business cards. However the story above is a great example of how an attitude can disenfranchise customers. I realize that this is a employer with an attitude, but that can trickle down and cause issues in any business with it’s employees, which eventually will reach your customers.  I can’t design a single website to help your business grow if this is not adjusted.

I studied for 5 years about the ministry and the church. Over those studies it was about growing a healthy church. Surprisingly what I read and the techniques mentioned apply in business. Bad attitudes, disgruntled members, and clergy that doesn’t set the proper standard, can cause an institution to head toward failure.

True with business.

Jerks are successful too

True their are people in this world that are not the most encouraging and like the one my friend encountered. But imagine all the opportunities that were missed because of it. Over the years I have worked with some characters. I’ve been a mechanical designer working in the automotive industry designing capital equipment to working in the ministry to now owning a website design company. I’ve met a lot of, well you know.

I should title this post, “If you’re an jerk good luck finding quality service, people and customers.”

But I won’t.

I read a story about a designer that was asked over his very successful career what made him successful. He said and I quote:

I don’t work with a$^#***.

Just think I’m ranting? Check out this book.

I’ve refunded money based on the guy was one of these.

In design we require no less than 50% deposit to retain our time and start a project. Seemed fair to me and not asking much. However, I had an individual that decided to play passive aggressive and pay only 48%. Normally this is a slip and understandable of you’re in a hurry, but this was intentional. He was trying to show who’s in charge, and Element 502 is not his employee! We were providing a service. Imagine treating your food service person that way, you think it would be wise to eat anything they give you after that?

It was pretty arrogant of them.

So we saw how this would be a difficult and unhealthy relationship and fully refunded his money for the project and took on another project. In business being shrewd is not being rude, but often I see people get those confused and it’s a HUGE turn off to want to work with them.

So don’t be that guy in my friends interview. You’ll stifle your companies growth, which comes from hiring talent that wants to work with you, and customers that are loyal to your brand.

I have been in marketing and technology for more than 20 years and have worked in many industries and worn many hats. From independent consultant, to cooking school, to establishing technology centers, it was a Spirit led adventure that landed me in the president & owner’s seat at Element 502.

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