Make Your Website Images Load Faster

Make Your Website Images Load Faster

Many people I talk to love adding images to their WordPress site. Which is exactly what everyone wants to do, and users love images and video, however, most don’t realize you can really mess up your site by not properly optimizing your images. So here’s a little how to on how to make your website images load faster.

But you have to optimize the image!

Images that are high res take a while to load, regardless of the web server, or website, it’s a good idea to optimize the images before you add them to your site.

Here’s a video and some free resources to do just that.

Find this video and more examples on how to make your website images load faster:

Make Your Website Images Load Faster

Adobe TV is a great resource to learn Photoshop and all Adobe products.

Here’s video in greater detail about optimizing images:

Learn Anything About CS5 Here


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