What is a Branding Guide?

What is a Branding Guide?

A branding guide is everything that your customers can identify you with online, on a billboard or on a small business card.

Quality brand guides give you the information your designers or agency needs to develop or create any kind of design to market your company services or product. Without a branding guide it can be extremely difficult to keep all of your marketing collateral and website in sync and match. If things do not match then you risk looking unprofessional and disorganized. Something that can detract customers.

Why are these important?

Think of a world where the Walmart is purple; you’d be very confused. Brand style guides help to maintain a consistent look so that consumers and employees understand the brand. These guides help create uniformity and avoid confusion with consumers from a competitor or knockoff.

Every business needs a brand manual to save money from misprinted ads and business cards. They will save you money because they will help you project a better image. First impressions are what count in a highly competitive market these days.

Our folks love branding and have a passion to help business grow creatively using every medium. Call or email us to get a free consultation for your brand.

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