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UX Design – Data Based Design

Some things occur in a room that create an atmosphere so thick, you could cut through it with a knife. When you place designers and data marketers in a room, such things happen. Finding a balance is crucial when doing data based design. Designer Douglas Bowman resigned his position at Google over its over-reliance on … Continue reading “UX Design – Data Based Design”

UX Design – Part 1 Design For Delight

Does your design team concern themselves about evoking positive emotion for the customer? Do they go beyond customer expectations in delivering awesome experiences? if they do, then those people will want to tell the world about you. If they design for themselves, then customers will tell the world nothing. This is part one, in our … Continue reading “UX Design – Part 1 Design For Delight”

Top Design Trends

Yet another blog article to tell you what the web design trends 2017 are going to be in 2017. I know that sounds insane, and you may feel like skipping, but give me a minute. I’ll try to do my best to make this post a bit entertaining. However, I have to point out what … Continue reading “Top Design Trends”

10 amazing websites

Just for fun, since we surf the web regularly here, we thought we would share some 10 amazing websites we thought were interesting and possibly useful. Some sites offer specialized searching for online streaming (not pirate) and others are simply a place for relaxation. So here’s our top 10 list of websites that are amazing. … Continue reading “10 amazing websites”

Why you should think mobile design before desktop

We’re all familiar with the mantra “the customer is always right.” Our objective is to always satisfy our customers, but more importantly, to their users. When implementing a web design project, the goal is to appeal to the personal tastes of the customer. However, this can lead to a shortage of functionality, which produces unmet expectations … Continue reading “Why you should think mobile design before desktop”

Rise of Mobile-first WordPress Themes

Mobile Responsive design has been around since 2010, but marketers are still using it as a buzzword with prospects. But are designers thinking mobile first? Mobile devices are used more than any other source to access and search the web. If 60% of your traffic is from mobile devices, having a mobile-first WordPress theme should … Continue reading “Rise of Mobile-first WordPress Themes”

Adapt or Die – The rise of mobile marketing

It’s becoming a cliche, or a marketing buzzword. But seeing it happening to others doesn’t make it less true or cliche. Designing for mobile first is now a best practice. And thinking first about mobile marketing is next. Here’s why: Mobile browser usage has risen significantly. This has forced design to start on mobile where as … Continue reading “Adapt or Die – The rise of mobile marketing”

Your 24 Hours, 7 Days A Week Online Employee

Websites are not static files sitting on a server somewhere anymore. They’re dynamic, meaning a small amount of files produce the pages and posts on your site. What if you had an employee you paid $30,000 and was working 24/7, didn’t require sleep, doesn’t require food, and is always available for customers? What if you had an employee you paid $30,000 and was working 24/7, didn’t require sleep, doesn’t require food, and is always available for customers?

Re-Branding: 3 Steps for a Successful Team Transition

Re-branding can be hard to get through without your team being onboard with it, and by “team” I mean your decision makers in your company. Here I wanted to share 3 steps for a successful team transition when re-branding. 1) Say goodbye to the old. It’s hard to do, but necessary. In order to evolve you … Continue reading “Re-Branding: 3 Steps for a Successful Team Transition”