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Marketing in a World Without Foot Traffic

Our country is coming to grips with a kind of operational shutdown and lockdown that we have never seen before. Millions of Americans young and old are being advised and, in some cases, required to shelter in place for the time being. Restaurants are mandated in most states to only offer carryout dining options, while … Continue reading “Marketing in a World Without Foot Traffic”

Best Sales Collateral for Closing Deals

What is your best sales collateral for closing deals? You know the scenario. You finally made it to the top administrator and now you get to present the products you know they need. What tools do you bring with you? Keep in mind that the the meeting may be virtual. So, what do you bring? … Continue reading “Best Sales Collateral for Closing Deals”

Google Search Tricks

We typically only search one way in Google, but there are more ways to search. In fact, Google has many built in search tricks that can save you time and effort. Here are a few of our favorites. Search within a specific site If you want to see how you appear on the search engine, or search within a site, type this in the … Continue reading “Google Search Tricks”

10 amazing websites

Just for fun, since we surf the web regularly here, we thought we would share some 10 amazing websites we thought were interesting and possibly useful. Some sites offer specialized searching for online streaming (not pirate) and others are simply a place for relaxation. So here’s our top 10 list of websites that are amazing. … Continue reading “10 amazing websites”

Be Quiet and Listen (because Shut Up is Rude)

Hi, I’m sometimes a conversation bully.  Sometimes I just need to be quiet and listen. That’s a hard statement to say out loud, but it’s the result of a healthy dose of humility.  My listening journey began with a good friend telling me that I just needed to shut up and listen.  To protect the … Continue reading “Be Quiet and Listen (because Shut Up is Rude)”