When Is It Time To Redesign Your Website

So are you wondering, “when is it time to redesign your website?” I would like to share about three reasons here in this post of how you can tell it’s time to redesign your website. 1. Getting In Sync No, not the band. Sometimes your marketing collateral will outpace your website design. When you find … Continue reading “When Is It Time To Redesign Your Website”

Why Is My SEO Not Working

So your watching your page rank plummit, or your phone isn’t ringing as much, and now you are asking, “Why is my SEO not working?” I’ve been optimizing sites for about five years now and I stay up with the trends and what new things are out there as this business evolves. It’s possible you … Continue reading “Why Is My SEO Not Working”

Google Title And Description Character Length

One of the questions that I’ve dealt with a lot especially with companies that I have done work with online is, about Google Title And Description Character Length on a website; i.e. the <title>. Also, what is the maximum character length of the meta-descriptions on the Google snippets. What are Google snippets Some reading this … Continue reading “Google Title And Description Character Length”

What Happens If You Don’t Update WordPress

It’s amazing how many times I get asked to help out on a site and find a version of WordPress that is 2 or even 4 versions behind. WordPress developers work hard improving and updating the CMS so that it is easier to use, faster and more secure. So why update WordPress? If you are … Continue reading “What Happens If You Don’t Update WordPress”

WordPress Permalinks and SEO, What Does Google Think?

WordPress Permalinks and SEO are not really tricky, unless you keep messing around with them on the development side. One thing I’ve learned about this business is, you never stop learning. The day you decide to stop, is the day you limit your potential. Custom post types were introduced to WordPress after 3.0 but have … Continue reading “WordPress Permalinks and SEO, What Does Google Think?”

A Very Simple Facebook Strategy

There is a such thing as a very simple Facebook strategy. The one thing I see a lot of people do is focus too much on Reach and not quality of content. Yet, still think that 20 posts a day is the way to go. There Isn’t A Universal Truth Facebook is too big and … Continue reading “A Very Simple Facebook Strategy”

Creating a Crisp Facebook Cover Photo Size

A lot of discussion about how to create a crisp Facebook cover photo is online. It’s the first thing visitors notice, so make it a good one and relevant. Facebook has a specific policy on what you can have on your banner photo. How it’s designed, and your business page setup. You can include text … Continue reading “Creating a Crisp Facebook Cover Photo Size”