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Plugin Review: WooCommerce

WooCommerce is the most popular e-commerce plugin that I know of in repository. As of this post it has over 1 million installations online using it. Currently WooCommerce has gone through a lot of changes in it’s development, mostly because of it’s acquisition by Automattic earlier in the year of WooCommerce. Here are the stats on … Continue reading “Plugin Review: WooCommerce”

Copywriting and Web Design

Your website copy tone of voice is just as important as the rest of the design. Using words creatively is fine but with care. Let’s talk about copywriting and web design. The Importance of Copywriting in Web Design People do not read web copy the same way that they read print (i.e. brochures, pamphlets, etc.). … Continue reading “Copywriting and Web Design”

How To Pick A Plugin

Picking a plugin for your WordPress can be a little intimidating if you aren’t sure what plugin is the best and which one will not break your site. Fortunately the folks at Automattic (WordPress) know this, and here’s a few things you can do before downloading and installing a plugin. Here’s how to pick a Plugin … Continue reading “How To Pick A Plugin”

Plugin Review: Pretty Links Plugin

Hello everyone, it’s time again for another WordPress Plugin Review, this time it’s about the plugin– Pretty Links There are two versions of this plugin, the Lite version (on and the Pro version. While there are a ton of features for the free Lite version, there are advantages to the Pro that you may … Continue reading “Plugin Review: Pretty Links Plugin”

5 Online Security Practices

With the recent hack of password keeper, LastPass, the security of websites has become a point of focus. Though the details of this hack are not published, there are some precautions everyone can take. Here are a few: 1) Reduce the risk not eliminate the risk. The misconception out there is that if you install … Continue reading “5 Online Security Practices”

The WordPress Customizer, Updated Theme Requirements

A major change in WordPress is on the horizon in the next six months. Developers will now have to integrate WordPress theme options for frameworks into the theme customizer in order to submit to the repository. Support for the new customizer is a must even though it’s really not new and has been around … Continue reading “The WordPress Customizer, Updated Theme Requirements”

Myths About WordPress

There are a lot of myths about WordPress out there. Many of these are generated because of simply not having enough experience or education about WordPress. I’ve heard every argument or theory claimed, from that it is “bloated” to not being secure, and I’ve even debated many of these topics. Today, we’re going to be busting … Continue reading “Myths About WordPress”

5 things to consider when selecting a WordPress hosting solution

Many people assume that using WordPress to power their website means they don’t have to pay much attention to choosing the right WordPress hosting solution. In reality, choosing the right hosting solution is vital to ensuring a quality user experience for your website visitors. There are five key factors to consider when choosing your WordPress … Continue reading “5 things to consider when selecting a WordPress hosting solution”

WordPress Sidebar Manager Plugins

WordPress sidebars can be cumbersome to use if you have a lot of content to display on your site. Sidebars have been used for secondary content to show users an internal navigation or calls to actions like signing up for a newsletter. A sidebar is essentially a column provided by a theme for displaying information … Continue reading “WordPress Sidebar Manager Plugins”