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Can You Have Too Many WordPress Plugins?

Can You Have Too Many WordPress Plugins? The answer to that question might surprise you. Plugins are what makes a WordPress website do more without hiring a developer. However, there are a couple of caveats to this. Plugins are script that you can use on your site to give that (brace for market lingo), POP. With WordPress … Continue reading “Can You Have Too Many WordPress Plugins?”

Hardening WordPress Security

The interwebs are a fun place to go online and play games and read articles and do all sorts of things. But the moment site owners get a site (if like 20% of the others out there) on WordPress there is something very important you need to do. Lock you site down and keep an … Continue reading “Hardening WordPress Security”

Why Your WordPress Website Is Slow

People ask on forums all the time why their WordPress website is slow. Quite often people don’t realize it could be any number of factors from: The hosting service you’re using The computer you are on The quality of code of the theme Plugins that are not quality Or, even something simple as rebooting your … Continue reading “Why Your WordPress Website Is Slow”

What Happens If You Don’t Update WordPress

It’s amazing how many times I get asked to help out on a site and find a version of WordPress that is 2 or even 4 versions behind. WordPress developers work hard improving and updating the CMS so that it is easier to use, faster and more secure. So why update WordPress? If you are … Continue reading “What Happens If You Don’t Update WordPress”

WordPress Permalinks and SEO, What Does Google Think?

WordPress Permalinks and SEO are not really tricky, unless you keep messing around with them on the development side. One thing I’ve learned about this business is, you never stop learning. The day you decide to stop, is the day you limit your potential. Custom post types were introduced to WordPress after 3.0 but have … Continue reading “WordPress Permalinks and SEO, What Does Google Think?”