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What Is Gutenberg? An Introduction to WordPress Gutenberg

WordPress Gutenberg is the new way we will all be editing and publishing content to WordPress. If you are still using old methods to add custom content to WordPress you should really take a look at Gutenberg, as there are more than a few changes. What Gutenberg Replaces In WordPress it currently requires shortcodes, embeds, … Continue reading “What Is Gutenberg? An Introduction to WordPress Gutenberg”

Podcast Ep07 – Gutenberg WordPress Editor Update

WordPress version 4.9 is releasing soon. And questions about the new content editor Gutenberg being included could start. As of now it’s not clear that the new editor will be in this release. And if it is included with WordPress 4.9 it will be as an option. That means leaving the “classic” content editor in … Continue reading “Podcast Ep07 – Gutenberg WordPress Editor Update”

WordPress Gutenberg Content Editor

As a WordPress developer, just when you thought it was safe to look back at your code and smile, something changes. As WordPress co-founder Matt Mullenweg announced at Europe WordCamp 2017, ( a new editor will be coming to WordPress. And now, drumr oll please, meet WordPress Gutenberg Content Editor –   WordPress has taken a … Continue reading “WordPress Gutenberg Content Editor”

Easy Maintenance on your WordPress website

The flowers are in bloom, pollen is in the air and allergy medication is flying off the shelves. You know what that means. It’s time for your WordPress website to be cleaned. Here are some ways that you can do easy maintenance on your WordPress website and keep it lean. Websites are no longer static sheets … Continue reading “Easy Maintenance on your WordPress website”

Myths About WordPress

There are a lot of myths about WordPress out there. Many of these are generated because of simply not having enough experience or education about WordPress. I’ve heard every argument or theory claimed, from that it is “bloated” to not being secure, and I’ve even debated many of these topics. Today, we’re going to be busting … Continue reading “Myths About WordPress”