Myths About WordPress

Myths About WordPress

There are a lot of myths about WordPress out there. Many of these are generated because of simply not having enough experience or education about WordPress. I’ve heard every argument or theory claimed, from that it is “bloated” to not being secure, and I’ve even debated many of these topics. Today, we’re going to be busting myths about WordPress.

Myth: It started in 2003 as a blogging platform

This is true.

There was a desire to develop and give people a better way to publish content than what was currently available with enhanced typography. Additionally, blogging need to be easy to read and give bloggers an opportunity to build their own website. WordPress is the official successor of b2/cafelog.

Myth: It’s just for Blogs

This is absolutely false.

There have been several versions of WordPress, but the most significant would be around version 3.0 when WordPress became a complete Content Management System (CMS).

Since then, small businesses and larger corporations have built their sites on WordPress. With Plugins and Widgets you can display and craft amazing themes that present your site and your company’s personality easily on the Internet.

Myth: No one owns it

Not completely false, but not completely true.

WordPress is an Open Source project, which means there are hundreds of people globally working on it. But that doesn’t mean that anyone with an idea can make changes without it being reviewed and tested for an upcoming release.

Automattic is the company that you can loosely say owns WordPress. Many of the developers there specialize in certain aspects of design and functionality of the platform. When a new release is on the way, one of these folks leads the charge. With over 20% of the Internet using your software to power their site, a mistake can be catastrophic. Therefore, it’s not taken lightly and your average website viewers cannot hop in and make a tweak.

Myth: It’s not secure

The biggest myth out there.

While Bluehost is recommended to host your site, a business owner needs to be more cautious and decisive on where to host their site. Therefore, your security is only as good as your resources you choose to employ or use.

There are many ways to lock down your WordPress install. However, managed WordPress hosting is the best way to prevent and resolve a hack. Contact us for pricing or visit our hosting plans we offer.

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