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How To Follow Brands On Social Media

Were you aware that liking your favorite brand page was not enough to see their posts in your newsfeed more often? How to follow brands on social media  is not clear. But if you don’t know that you need to, you won’t see that page in your feed as often. The way Facebook works is if … Continue reading “How To Follow Brands On Social Media”

Agencies vs. Private Contractors

These days, customers are more likely to go online and hire a freelancer to develop a website for them than they are to actually hire an agency that can build an entire brand awareness strategy. So the decision comes down to choosing Agencies vs Private Contractors. When they consider which to choose from, it often … Continue reading “Agencies vs. Private Contractors”

Email Marketing Key Performance Indicators

Over the years many digital marketing tools have come and gone; however, one of the oldest digital marketing channels, email marketing, continues to be one of the most effective. Email marketing has been used for more than two decades as a way to reach an audience in a targeted, efficient, and inexpensive manner. While email technology has been around … Continue reading “Email Marketing Key Performance Indicators”

5 Reasons For Using Email Marketing

With the rise of social media as a leading communication channel, it is tempting to dismiss email marketing as an antiquated communication tool and focus efforts elsewhere. Here are five reasons why this is a bad idea: 1. Email is More Personal If social media is the reception hall of online communication, email is the boudoir – … Continue reading “5 Reasons For Using Email Marketing”

Creating a Crisp Facebook Cover Photo Size

A lot of discussion about how to create a crisp Facebook cover photo is online. It’s the first thing visitors notice, so make it a good one and relevant. Facebook has a specific policy on what you can have on your banner photo. How it’s designed, and your business page setup. You can include text … Continue reading “Creating a Crisp Facebook Cover Photo Size”