How To Follow Brands On Social Media

How To Follow Brands On Social Media

Were you aware that liking your favorite brand page was not enough to see their posts in your newsfeed more often? How to follow brands on social media  is not clear. But if you don’t know that you need to, you won’t see that page in your feed as often.

The way Facebook works is if you pay for ads you enormously increase your chances of getting your posts seen. However, on a budget, one thing you can do is ask everybody to utilize a feature that has been around for a while.  Ask them to use a feature that is very often used on their personal accounts.

The Follow Button

That small selection choice makes a big difference in what shows up on your feed and what doesn’t. This is because pages’ posts are as crowded as personal profiles posts on Facebook’s newsfeed.

It might be easier to change the current settings of pages you already follow on your Facebook application (on your iPhone or Android).

How To Follow Your Favorite Brand On Facebook 

Other options

If you want to know each time the page updates with fresh content, select “Get Notifications” under the “Like” button. That way you are notified through Facebook, not to be confused with your devices other notifications, for recent comments you make and others as well. This option is also available for personal friends and other profiles.

Finally, the last option “Add to Interest Lists”

“Lists” are ways to customize your experience (or newsfeed) further in Facebook to see exactly what you are interested in. This means not just seeing something that you have liked in the past.

That’s one of the many ways you can customize your feed on Facebook. I hope this article was helpful! If you have any ideas or tutorials that we can write or help you with, let us know in the comments below, or contact us.


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