What Is Gutenberg? An Introduction to WordPress Gutenberg

What Is Gutenberg? An Introduction to WordPress Gutenberg

WordPress Gutenberg is the new way we will all be editing and publishing content to WordPress. If you are still using old methods to add custom content to WordPress you should really take a look at Gutenberg, as there are more than a few changes.

What Gutenberg Replaces

In WordPress it currently requires shortcodes, embeds, widgets, post formats, custom post types, theme options, meta-boxes, and other formatting elements. Gutenberg replaces these for one single editor without development of these elements.

WordPress Gutenberg Text Block
WordPress Gutenberg Text Block

WordPress Gutenberg Blocks

In the soon to be past, the editor was a simple top to bottom editor with no room for custom items like buttons. Unless you used shortcodes in the editor that’s all you had to work with. Now with Blocks in Gutenberg you can add a myriad of items that enhance you content and readers experience.

Check out the video below to watch a demonstration

If you have any questions about the new editor coming and how it effects your website, contact our team of WordPress experts at Element 502.


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