How The Facebook Newsfeed Works

How The Facebook Newsfeed Works

The Facebook Newsfeed has updated it’s algorithm to fight harmful content. If you violate Facebook community standards then they remove your content. Facebook enforces Ads policies using Artificial Intelligence and Human review. This prevents false advertising and claims that are misleading. Facebook’s algorithm uses ranking signals to judge if posts are untrustworthy. Or if a post generates a high volume of views. If not within policies it could reduce that posts ranking in the newsfeed.

Amount of posts

If you are posting on a regular basis that isn’t enough. The frequency can only be supported by the interest of the posts. So if you are a cake shop, posting about pets doesn’t help keep the theme of your page consistent. Keep posting interesting content. And as time goes by and you’ll have the amount of posts needed. Don’t manufacture posts. If you repeat or modify previous content to look new Facebook will drop you in potential ranking.


Clickbait will get you removed from the newsfeed for your Facebook page. Avoid from using sensationalism to get attention. Relevancy signals judge content. It’s based on interest and your pages previous posts.

From Facebook’s Newsroom:

Ranking has four elements: the available inventory of stories; the signals, or data points that can inform ranking decisions; the predictions we make, including how likely we think you are to comment on a story, share with a friend, etc; and a relevancy score for each story. In this video, I’ll walk you through how it all comes together.

Watch the video below

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