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Looking Through A Glass Onion

Bourbon is booming, and advertising agencies are loving it. Lots of launch parties, tastings, tours, and speakeasy meetings. It’s a great time to showcase new label designs, web and print ads, and creative POP materials. Graphic designers LOVE bourbon, and I’m not talking about the taste. Liquor ads and collaterals are arguably one of the … Continue reading “Looking Through A Glass Onion”

Don’t Waste Your Money On A Bad Logo

$625,000.00. Yes, you read that right. $625,000.00. was paid for this atrocious logo created by a London, England firm for the 2012 Olympic games. I doubt that most clients in search of a new logo would pay that much, but it is surprising what they will settle for as the cornerstone of their identity. As … Continue reading “Don’t Waste Your Money On A Bad Logo”