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Brand Consistency

Brand consistency is not just a cool buzzword. Instead, it is the safeguard to potential loss of a customers trust. When that happens, you brand starts becoming associated with poor quality overall in product or service. Consistency is so important to your overall appearance. Your branding is your business’s colors, logo, and tone. It increases … Continue reading “Brand Consistency”

Why Social Media Marketing Is Still Important

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) cannot be effective without well-executed content. And that’s where social media marketing kicks in. SEO and SMM (Social Media Marketing) go together like peas and carrots. Social Media Marketing helps you to get your content seen, which in turn can substantially increase your number of brand mentions on the web. Today marketers … Continue reading “Why Social Media Marketing Is Still Important”

Brand tag lines you didn’t know about and why

Tag lines are what most of our clients ask us to come up with when creating their new brand. But it’s not all about a catchy phrase. Let’s test some knowledge. Here are some brand tag lines you didn’t know about and why. Starbucks / no tag line Whole foods / nope Apple / nada … Continue reading “Brand tag lines you didn’t know about and why”

5 UX Email Design Tips

User experience is not just for the web, it’s also for things like print, remember the Steve Harvey incident, and email. In this post we wanted to share 5 UX email design tips. 1) Be useful Figuring out who the email is aimed at is crucial. Consider sending flowers to someone who is not your significant … Continue reading “5 UX Email Design Tips”

10 Tips To Keep Your Brand Fresh

The last thing anyone wants is a stale brand. To avoid this you need to keep your Brand fresh and exciting for your customers, so you don’t become old news. If you have ever been the proud owner of a new car or even sat in a new car for that matter, you know what I am talking … Continue reading “10 Tips To Keep Your Brand Fresh”

How to Handle Client Input on Web Design

Retro is cool when its clothing, art, electronics and the like. Retro is not great when it applies to a website design. When designing a website, there’s more to it than sharp images and creative text. For a site to work successfully, you have to ask “What is this website for?” Answers could range from … Continue reading “How to Handle Client Input on Web Design”

Create a Brand Story

Your brand is your story to your customer. It tells who you are and what benefits you bring to your customer. Your brand story also establishes a trust that the service you present will work as advertised. Well-crafted Branding builds trust between you and your customers. With so much entwined in this big thing called … Continue reading “Create a Brand Story”