Brand Launch Party at 3rd Turn Brewery

Brand Launch Party at 3rd Turn Brewery

In the business landscape here in Louisville it’s no secret there are hundreds of marketing and web design companies. Even more so there are companies that are shifting focus from their original beginnings to online advertising every month it seems.

When you have a unlimited budget it’s a marketing managers dream. However, you don’t get that in the real world. Realistically you get $0 to maybe less than $1,000 if you’re lucky, especially if the company is in its “starting” phases.

Brand Launch Party On A Budget

When you have a challenge where you have ideas, but not the money to fund the idea to get the exposure you need, you have to get creative. There are a lot of folks that are in marketing that are creative, just in different terms than that in design.

Marketing on a budget mean that every penny counts, so if you are thinking of buying swag, carefully think about what kind, and for what audience. The bigger question of course is, should you at all?

If you are having a seminar in the morning, then go with coffee cups. When we announced our new brand we actually launched it during a co-sponsored event April 13th. We provided breakfast and networking, then great advice for leaders and executives from Sandler Sales Vince Esposito and our CEO Bill Reynolds.

While folks were drinking coffee they were getting a first look at our new logo and branding that was being announced. While that was happening we were live tweeting the event with #ilove502 to follow the conversation and sharing the nuggets of wisdom from the speakers.

The total cost of the event and cups came in a little over $1,000 but was pretty good considering I’ve seen brand launches for a lot more, and return nothing.

Then we asked, “now what”? The seminar was a good kickoff, but not a real launch party. After all launching a website and the rebirth of a agency with a new look and feel, deserved something a little more.

But again, no money to spend on a huge event. Plus we’re not very narcissistic, we love our look and brand, but knew people like to relax, and just have a drink after a hard day.

So we called our pals at 3rd Turn Brewery, and asked a question. How about we partner up, and invite folks we know, and give some pint glasses out for free with your best beer?

They said yes, we ordered the pint glasses (you can drink from and keep), got the tee-shirts (you can wear proudly), and we look forward to seeing you there April 28th at 3rd Turn Brewery in the heart of downtown Jeffersontown, KY.

Just RSVP in the comments below or tweet us (@weareelement502) using the hashtag #ilove502 and we’ll have $5 beer and a Element 502 glass for you.

So come join us for a brew in the 502 at 3rd Turn Brewery April 28th.

I have been in marketing and technology for more than 20 years and have worked in many industries and worn many hats. From independent consultant, to cooking school, to establishing technology centers, it was a Spirit led adventure that landed me in the president & owner’s seat at Element 502.

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