Brand tag lines you didn’t know about and why

Brand tag lines you didn’t know about and why

Tag lines are what most of our clients ask us to come up with when creating their new brand. But it’s not all about a catchy phrase. Let’s test some knowledge. Here are some brand tag lines you didn’t know about and why.

Starbucks / no tag line
Whole foods / nope
Apple / nada
McDonalds / no lovin it as much anymore

Tag lines are really becoming part of the past as the new way to do branding is all about having a flexible brand. Flexible branding allows brands to communicate multiple messages to multiple demographics at the same time. Best Buys Geek Squad for small businesses and older audiences vs their mobile sales and offers for younger customers are an example of flexible Branding.

Why have they died?

1) Short attention spans of consumers have required less copy for communicating the brands product. Thus the first casualty was the tag line.

2) Mobile devices (your smart phone) are also why tag lines have died. Less visual real estate on the screen has caused advertisers to cut back and focus more on imagery and again, sales copy.

3) Social media has reduced conversation to 140 characters and video to only a few seconds. Therefore, marketers have to find more creative ways to advertise in shorter time spans.

Products today are more associated with personality, features, or attributes not a succinct one liner or pithy statement.

Before tackling a tag line, determine if you need it in the first place. “What’s in your wallet?” And Expedia’s “Find yours” works. But not everyone is them.

Companies that have tag lines but you may it know.

Don’t be evil – Google
Code is poetry – WordPress
Outwit. Outplay. Outlast. – Survivor

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