Podcast Ep14 – Why we switched to Android

Podcast Ep14 – Why we switched to Android

There’s a story behind why we switched to Android. For years, many of us have been either iPhone or Windows Phone users. Now things have simply gotten better on the other side of the fence in Android land. In this episode we discuss how and why we switched device brands and our view of the current state of mobile technology.

Finding who is using which mobile device

In Google Analytics you can view which particular user is on your website. As well as what device they use. Go to Google Analytics, click “Audience” then “mobile” then “devices.” This is where you can see all the information on users that visit you from android or iOS (i.e. iPhone/iPad).

Google Analytics Mobile Users - Why we switched to Android
Google Analytics Mobile Users

Doing this can let you in on exactly what your users prefer for devices when viewing your website. Most devices can be combined into a filter to avoid confusion in your list as iOS is only Apple devices. Targeting more precisely who is coming to your website from mobile users will aid in your marketing campaigns. As well as web being able to focus on webpage designs that emphasize mobile use. Rather than shifting toward a desktop only audience.

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