Is Facebook Killing Brand Pages?

Is Facebook Killing Brand Pages?

Another change to Facebook’s news feed algorithm is arriving. More of the fallout from the “fake news” we saw from the past election towards business pages. But if you look through a non-cynical view, it’s more about connecting people to people. Not inanimate brands to people for the “sale.”

The potential removal of publisher posts from Facebook’s news feed is big deal for anyone selling social media marketing. How this effects ads is not known yet, but in the video below Facebook is pretty cavalier about how this will slow use and turn away money from brands advertising on the network.

How ranking works:

So what this means for your brands page

A while back (ca. 2014) it was brought up that Facebook was limiting organic reach of business pages. Now we see another limitation. Like YouTube pushing notification and how to “follow” your favorite channel – it seems Facebook is heading this way too for content publishers.

If you need a refresher on how to follow your favorite Facebook page after this update see the post we did a while back below:

How To Follow Your Favorite Brand On Facebook 

Facebook is not really losing money

Facebook is a giant like Google and Amazon. There is little competition that could do what Facebook could do. I don’t write that as a fan-boy, of which I am not. I say that because they have all the money, therefore, they have all the resources. So for those of us that advertise on their channel we have a couple of options.

Live with it – It’s their backyard, you’re just a visitor. Sorry, no savvy advice here we’ve haven’t shared before. So before you start yelling at your agency partner, remember their a vendor not the source of this frustration.

Find a new channel – Facebook isn’t the only way to advertise and in most cases we deal with it’s the first people think of. However, what if you are a not a shop owner or restauranteur?

You’ll need to find another channel to market on. Remember Facebook is not a marketing strategy, but a channel. There’s your website, that is the most important with it’s blog or pages. Then other places, mobile ads, email and even networks like Yelp that are gaining popularity with the local markets.


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