Adjust or Die. Why you need to re-think your marketing strategy

Adjust or Die. Why you need to re-think your marketing strategy

We’ve all heard the term “adapt or die”. Instead, what if we said “adjust or die”? Specifically, this would be applicable when it comes to marketing and branding. For a web discussion, “adapting” refers to responsive designed websites, the site needed to “adapt” to the viewable area. But with marketing it’s a little more about adjusting to trends and how media is delivered. That’s where you must adapt. Of note, in regards to marketing channels over the last couple years we’ve seen a rising in usage of Snapchat and a decline of Twitter.

Even Facebook has dealt with some controversy about fake news during the election cycle, a term that can be interpreted differently according to your preference or political party. How you reach people requires an adjustment otherwise, good luck getting past the background noise.

Citing your sources

When writing content for advertising we don’t have to think about citing sources. Is Papa John’s Pizza really better? Are you really Loving it? Does it matter to do to all top 5 on the list that is the top 5?

Most bloggers just usually add a link within the content to direct readers to see for themselves as validation. As we continue to absorb more content, I think the future is certain. Simply put, people will want more verifiable sources included. So maybe citing that blog from another source that is filled with viagra ads is not the source you should use or cite.

As an example, I could tell you that YouTube makes up one third of Internet content that people search for an absorb on the Internet. But is that a true without statistics and facts? Without a link to an article that is a verified source to back that up you could question my statement. And rightly so.

By the way, you can read the actual statics of YouTube here:

With the rise of consultants in the business market, how we deliver content today must change. That’s because you could easily be led into a ditch by someone who actually doesn’t have much experience. Or worse yet, has more experience bankrupting companies than they actually do have at helping build successful ones. It easy to perform an illusion act on the web. Which person would you rather follow? Let’s spitball a couple of quick ideas on how you can adapt though with new trends and tech.


I think at this point anyone with an iPhone or Android device with Facebook can see video is now in. It keeps users engaged, entertained, and is more easily accessed than it was a year ago. Video (or any movement) on a website page or social media post is more likely to be watched and seen by users.

Source: Content Marketing Institute

Facebook Groups

This is a pretty old thing with Facebook, but I can see it picking up steam if you’re creative. Whenever somebody comments in a group you are notified. Whenever somebody posts a link to share with the group page you are notified. This is a much better process than with a Facebook business page, who a lot of people just visit or follow but don’t notice updates. The reason is because of the way the Facebook algorithm works. Groups though are more secluded and getting updates to them is easy.

With group pages you can actually identify and segment your audience that you are servicing and provide a better experience for them. Everything from messaging to how your service is rendered can be managed through the group for a specific target audience. Group members can also refer and talk to one another creating a online community you can manage and help guide.

However, to be clear I’m not suggesting replacing your business page as group pages often are not as visible to the search engines.

Read about Facebook Groups here:

Facebook Live

Do you have a smart phone that I has a camera? Do you have a Facebook account? Well you can try going Live every now and then. When you go live your followers are now notified on their app on their phones as long as they are using the app.

See how to go live here:

Check out our 5 Facebook Live Tips here:

Facebook has been running an aggressive television campaign lately about this new technology on their platform. Facebook Live is a great addition to the tool belt that can actually get people to see you as you are on the scene. Live broadcasts though can be boring if not thought out before hand, and many people may not find it fascinating that you’re Live if there’s nothing going on in the background that’s exciting.

In 2017 I believe that this is going to be the thing marketers move toward. Now everyone is not only a publisher, writer, or blogger, they’re also videographers. Something marketers are very well aware of, but not all know how to put it into good practice yet.

If the office you work at isn’t that appealing, try to find creative ways when you go live to make it look that way. Give a office virtual tour and talk about a specific object. Why it’s there for example, and the story behind it. It invites your audience in, and gives a glimpse behind the door.

In the end, the best you can do is find something unique and make a story out of it. That’s what most people engage with, stories. How can you make your brands story stand out and attract potential customers?

I have been in marketing and technology for more than 20 years and have worked in many industries and worn many hats. From independent consultant, to cooking school, to establishing technology centers, it was a Spirit led adventure that landed me in the president & owner’s seat at Element 502.

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