WooCommerce now requires a WordPress.com account

WooCommerce now requires a WordPress.com account

After Automattic acquired WooCommerce last year the take over of WordPress is finally completed. WooCommerce now is requiring a login from a WordPress.com account. If you don’t have an account take heart, there is a way. You can retrieve your previous WooCommerce account and create yourself a new WordPress.com login or migrate your existing WooCommerce account. If you are not a fan. and wondering why you should have a WordPress.com account, Woo’s answer in short is security. That and maybe a few updates coming to WordPress’ API this year.

Reason #1 – The REST API

As WordPress scales up and becomes more popular, the current APIs aren’t as proficient or easy to integrate with. WordPress has come a long way since being just a blogging platform back in the early 2000’s. It now powers major websites of top corporations. This has led to some criticism from developers who love creating their own applications. However, the update to use REST is not for the end user. The goal is to make integration easier as new applications become available.

You can read more about the change toward REST API and the project and what and why at the link: http://v2.wp-api.org/

Reason #2 – Hackers Are Getting Better

By moving towards WordPress.com, there is a lot of functionality that Woo now doesn’t have to do themselves. This is good news and means better security and allows them to focus more on making themes and plugins for online shopping. The newer method of 2-step authentication will be possibly the standard and only a WordPress.com account gives you that easily. As passwords become more complicated, and more of them become cracked by hackers, a 2 step authentication solution is the only thing that makes sense. For more on 2-step authentication head on over to WoprdPress.com here: https://en.support.wordpress.com/security/two-step-authentication/

You Don’t Need a Personal Site

If you have a WordPress.com account you don’t need a WordPress.com website. That said, having an account on the platform is beneficial for security as well as monitoring and managing your websites. As WordPress continues to grow, expect more developers to migrate towards this integration. The end result is a more stable and secure environment to develop in as the web and its use evolves.

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