WP Minute Tutorial Series – WordPress Comments

WP Minute Tutorial Series – WordPress Comments

In this WordPress Minute Episode it’s all about Comments! WordPress Comments are great on your blog, but sometimes you get spam. When you do it maybe necessary to check your settings and make sure that if comments are wanted they are not from bots. Here we show you how to set your comments settings.

Hey everybody I’m Jason Davis at Element 502 and this is another episode of the
WordPress minute! Often you’ll get comments on your blog (hopefully you are)
and if so you’ll see some suspicious ones that may not look like they’re legitimate. I’m going to tell you how we set comments to avoid any sort of entries from suspicious places. Log into your WordPress website and go down to settings. Then click discussion and in here you’ll see all of your discussion settings and comments that you can set when the comments can be deleted, whether or not users must be registered and logged in in order to comment, and you can receive notifications when someone does. Here you can also add an IP address. You can also add any name or email or other identifier to block places or allow places. In these places, once you select the avatar you like you can click “Save Changes” and that’s how you set comments on your blog and how they will appear. This has been the WordPress minute! Please subscribe! Go to our youtube channel at youtube.com/element502Louisville to stay up to date on the latest episodes. Give a like and subscribe! Thank you!

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