Want to know the biggest mistakes in SEO?

Want to know the biggest mistakes in SEO?

It can be very hard to make sure your content is the best before you publish it to the web. Forgetting the little details can cost you as they add up. Thus the bigger details being accurate won’t matter. Want to know the biggest mistakes in SEO?

Incomplete title tags and descriptions

Title tags and meta-description tags are the most often overlooked and inappropriately named areas on a website. As Google places more emphasis on search appearance it’s very important to consider completing these. As users search for information, your search snippets appearance can cause you to lose a click. More clicks equal a higher CTR with better ranking in the Search Results Page (SERP).

As Matt explained it’s very important to think about your users. It’s important to name these areas appropriately for what you’re trying to get searched for.

Here is Matt again to help:

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