WP Minute Tutorial Series – WordPress User Profiles

WP Minute Tutorial Series – WordPress User Profiles

Hello everyone this is another episode of The WordPress Minute. Today I want to take a look at your WordPress user profiles.

Go ahead and click into your website and get to the dashboard of the WordPress. Over to the side you’ll see “Users” and then you’ll see your profile. As you go through your profile you’ll see you’ll be able to fill out your first name, your last name, and a nickname.

Then on to how it’s displayed on the front side of WordPress. You can also add your email address to your website and then add some biographical information about yourself, but keep it short. Then you’ll see your Avatar which comes from Gravatar.

We’ll have another video on that soon. And this is where your profile is. So fill it out and optimize it for your website! This has been TheWordPress Minute we’ll see you next time!

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