5 YouTube Video Tips

5 YouTube Video Tips

Everyone is online trying to make a mark and gain followers, listeners or friends. YouTube video tips for marketing and advertisers has been on the rise for over last two years now. However, I’ve seen some terrible practices from people that are saying they’re are professionals, yet their content and delivery is far from that.

While that is ok, because no one starts out looking as sharp as most of the YouTube stars that are viral out there, just be honest and use it to your advantage for now until you can craft better content. Here are 5 YouTube video tips to help you create a video that will be viewed and shared.

1) Equipment

Having the right equipment and setup is paramount. You can’t do this on a shoe string budget and expect perfect results. Start where you are, but always keep in mind if you are doing this for a living, keep an eye out for that better lens or camera or lighting setup. No matter what though, start with HD. No one like low res video.

2) Topic

Choose this wisely. It should be something that people want to listen to and are talking about. Creating a conversation out of thin air in person is difficult, but doing it with an audience you cannot see is nearly impossible. So what if you are just a marketer. Talk about comic movies and how they advertise and research budgets and how it’s done. Just be careful to be brief and respond accordingly to your audience. If no one is listening or cares, learn and move on. For Youtube it’s about time watched not how many have watched.

3) Delivery

Be brief about the topic. Don’t chase rabbits only later to attempt to tie everything together a half an hour later. Also, be careful about the words you use, while big words make you sound articulate, your listeners may think you are a snob. Moreover, be confident! No one will listen to a mumbler or person that is visually awkward on camera. Remain relaxed and look it.

4) Title Of Video

This is the biggest thing because unless they click, no one will ever watch. The title should be relevant to the video topic, but have fun with it. Watch the use of adjectives to describe the video. When it comes to SEO, consider keyword choices, use the word video, and consider title length.

5) Software

Having the right editing software is just as important as the camera and lighting. Poor editing is evident in the final cut of the video and can be jarring if not cut correctly when transitioning. If editing isn’t your strong suit that’s ok, but it might get difficult to shoot everything in one shot. Eventually you’ll find yourself in the editing room cleaning up messes not caught when you are on the other side of the camera.

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