WP Minute Tutorial Series – The WordPress Media Library

WP Minute Tutorial Series – The WordPress Media Library

The WordPress Media Library consists of images, video, recordings, and files that you upload and use in your blog. Media is typically uploaded and inserted into the content when writing a Post or writing a Page.

Hey everybody and welcome to another episode of the WordPress minute! Today I’m going to show you a little bit about the media library and some of the things you can
do. When you log onto your website you will find yourself at your dashboard. Now, go over to where it says media and click on library. In here you can organize and view
your library in a grid layout or, if you like, you can view it in the list play up. I prefer this and you’ll see why in a minute. You can add a new image and you
can just drag it into this window or you can select it as I just did. Then you can
open it up and add your alt text here for optimization. You can add a caption here as well. You’ll notice that it’s saving automatically. You can then go through all of your media to see what you have and when you’re satisfied with something you’re done! Then go to a post and add it to the post. Watch the next video to see how that’s done. This has been the WordPress minute, and I’m your
host Jason Davis!

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