WP Minute Tutorial Series – Author Bio Settings in WordPress

WP Minute Tutorial Series – Author Bio Settings in WordPress

Hello everyone! Welcome to another installation of The WordPress Minute. Today we’re going to talk about author bio settings in WordPress. That’s the author box that appears at the bottom of a blog post. So here you can see we have a post (see video) and we’re going to scroll to the bottom and there is my picture, my name, my bio, and a link to my author page. We’re going to show you on the WordPress admin on how to get this completed.

First you want to go to your profile and then as you go down through here you want to complete your first name as well as your last name. You can complete a nickname and then you can select how you like your name to be displayed. You can also fill out other relevant information here to be helpful.

Last and most importantly, keep your bio pretty short. Then you can connect a Gravatar (see gravatar.com) to pull in your avatar which is what you see next to your bio.

That is how you generate your WordPress bio on your posts. I hope this was helpful to you. If you have ideas for future episodes leave a comment below and please like and subscribe to our channel.

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