WP Minute Tutorial Series – Logging into WordPress

WP Minute Tutorial Series – Logging into WordPress

Hello everyone! Welcome to the first episode of the WordPress Minute, a tutorial series provided by Element 502. Let’s look at logging into WordPress website.

First, go to your WordPress website as I’ve done here and your URL. At the end of the last lash I’ve been login hit enter. You’ll find yourself at the login page. Next, type in your username (this is case sensitive). You can use your email address as well as your password in this box (it is also case sensitive). After that, simply click login and that’s it. Now you will find yourself on the back end of your WordPress administration pane.

You can also go up to here and you can navigate to your profile to edit it. There will be another video about that and you can click logout to logout and then head back to your website. That is the WordPress minute for logging into your website.

Watch the episode below on  logging into WordPress:

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