Cross Posting on Facebook

Cross Posting on Facebook

It seems like every month Facebook rolls out a new feature. Then, every month we all get to either read a blog post about it or experiment with it. Now I’m not complaining about these new features. Some of them are actually quite nice. Still, others just make you want to pull out any hair you have left. Happily, this post is about a fantastic new feature called cross posting on Facebook.

Look how cool it is.

Let’s say you are a manager of two Facebook brand pages (or not) and you have a video you would like to publish (not share) on another page. I know that you’re thinking, “why don’t I just manually upload to the other page?” You could do that, but where is the timesaver and what if you don’t own the other page?

Now are you interested?

We were after reading about this.

For example NBC had a video they would like to share on their America’s Got Talent Page. Since they manage AGT, it is pretty easy to just go in the NBC page and publish that video from the NBC page to America’s Got Talent’s page. But it was crossposted to six other pages which garnished it hundreds of views it would not have gotten. About 126 million across 5-6 posts all on different pages.

Are you still thinking, “but why would I do this?”

The answer is simple studies are showing more engagement by doing this. The original page can actually help get a post out to a wider and more relevant audience by having other pages agree to post it’s content across channels.

Of course it must be made clear that you have to have the other page manager’s agreement to do this. After all it’s their online property, even though it’s on Facebook.

Check out the article below from Facebook to see what you think. Try it out and let us know in the comments below if you have seen improvement on your pages engagement.



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