Top 5 Facebook Strategy Tips To Engage Customers

Top 5 Facebook Strategy Tips To Engage Customers

Having a Business page on Facebook is what most business do, but should they? Most don’t think past about getting a page, they set up one up, then think, “now what?” Here’s 5 things about a Facebook strategy for your new business page to consider.

What’s it going to cost us to maintain a presence there?

If not done right, a lot. But not in money, it’ll cost in reputation. No one likes a fake or someone just trying to get attention. Invest the time to be real and cultivate followers that are your peers and those that you genuinely desire to help. If done right, it will show and you’ll have no problem gaining momentum.

What are the risks to having a business page?

There’s risk in everything, and you should weigh carefully which social media network you want to start being “social” on. Twitter is easier as it’s like a cocktail party and you can mingle freely and liberally without having to think too much about the long term.

However, Facebook is a backyard BBQ, don’t talk all about you, or you’ll never get invited back. Listen to the audience and when joining a conversation, don’t hijack it and make it something it’s not about in the first place by exercising proper etiquette.

What are the gains to having a page?

If you use it correctly it can actually help with your SEO. People will share your posts to their friends on their networks, and they will share to their friends, thus spreading the word.

Just take time and strategize about the word you want spread.

Having a page is another way people can see you and reach out to you. Not only will people look over your website, but they will check to see how active you are elsewhere online. This could be a factor in how they will interact, engage and buy from you.

Why do it at all?

It’s provides the opportunity to build relationships past the front door of your business. Quality content allows your company to be seen and heard. Without a social media strategy you’re just another faceless entity that is among thousands.

Now your faces are seen and when someone calls, visits, or you show up, they’ve already got an expectation of who they are meeting and it help builds immediate trust.

Figure out who you buyers are

Social media’s meant to be social, so therefore be fun and have a lighthearted time with it. However, don’t create a strategy built around talking to the wrong people. Figure out who your audience is that you want to reach and start building a content strategy online that reaches those people.

Do you have any stories about social media and how you creatively used it in the past? Let us know in the comments below.



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