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GDPR Compliance and WordPress Websites

I’m sure you’ve seen the news or alerts about GDPR compliance about data privacy. If you are using the web you’ve seen those notifications about cookies appearing on your favorite websites. If you are a business that operates in the United States, and has a website that can get you new business from the European … Continue reading “GDPR Compliance and WordPress Websites”

WordPress “Display Widgets” plugin purged from repository

The Display Widgets plugin in its day was the plugin of choice to manage your sidebars. If you had sidebars on your theme, you may want only 3 widgets shown on your about page. Then you want these “other” 3 shown only on your blog. With this plugin it could do that. Even though with … Continue reading “WordPress “Display Widgets” plugin purged from repository”

How The WordPress Security Team Works

WordPress code is open source, and the processes are as well. But what about the WordPress security process? Discover how it works and how much time and effort is put into making WordPress secure. The video is from WordCamp Europe 2017. You can view the slides from Aaron’s presentation in the link below. Why … Continue reading “How The WordPress Security Team Works”

5 Simple Ways To Secure Your WordPress Website

When WordPress security is brought up external resources are discussed. Hardening WordPress must start with the install and the administrator of the website. Websites are no longer like sheets of paper. They are dynamic. And like software that requires strong protection you must update. Here we are looking at 5 simple ways to secure your … Continue reading “5 Simple Ways To Secure Your WordPress Website”

HTTPS Encryption for WordPress

Many are stating that starting 2017, HTTPS will be mandatory for all websites, including WordPress powered websites. But do you really need to… (the internet now begins to both groan and scream “yes” and “no”). You see, HTTPS Encryption for WordPress seems only necessary for sites that pass data from user to website via the browser. … Continue reading “HTTPS Encryption for WordPress”