Beneke Wire Company

Beneke Wire Company

Project Brief

Beneke Wire Company contacted us because they were having a 50th anniversary. And had a new product they wanted to promote online. New partnerships are being forged within their industry. To best promote and update they needed a new website and materials for trade shows. With Element 502’s referral network they were able to get in touch with us to achieve their goals.

Beneke old website

What We Did

Beneke Mac
  • Custom WordPress Theme

  • Web Design & Development

  • Content Architecture

  • Photography

  • Graphic design

Beneke on phone


After our referral partner contacted us we began researching Beneke’s needs. Upon discovering more about them we visited their facilities. This allowed us to best determine a proper digital strategy. We converted their site with a new design and used WordPress. Our designers went out and shot new photos of the building inside and outside. Beneke now has a new look and materials for trade shows to compete in their market.

Olga was born in Ukraine and moved to US in 2013. She is always passionate about fashion, art, design and crafting. Olga has M.S. in Higher Education in Technology and Design and Currently finishing A.S. in Web Design.