Social Media Marketing

Social Media Strategy

We love to see small business succeed, that is why we exist. The first cost effective step is a quality designed website. By customers seeing you on their social feed, your business has increased exposure. Then though a comprehensive social media marketing strategy you can maintain that relationship. This earns trust from their friends or connections.

Social Media Digital Marketing

Think of it like a verbal referral from a friend. If that business is a good provider then more referrals will come. In the online world this works the same, but has a much larger reach.

Social Media provides the opportunity to build relationships past the front door. Quality content allows your company to be seen and heard.

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“An example of a local business is a car dealership that does most of its business within 35 miles of the dealership. This pool of potential customers is often difficult to target. But, if a business uses social media, it can target people who live within a certain radius of the dealership only.”
— Steve Pearson

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73 percent of small businesses currently use or plan to use social media in 2016-17.

Facebook is a monster

Let’s look at Facebook for a bit since it’s the big dog in the market. Out of over 900 million users, there is a very small percentage that are your followers. Pay attention to who is following and who likes your page.

Of those business pages, they follow, they’ll share content with their friends. So you have to know what your followers like to read before you can begin a campaign. This is difficult if you’re new to social media or your brand is.

Background noise

There is a lot of background noise out there and peoples attention spans are not that tuned to you or any one thing. Campaigns that business attempt are often lost in the noise. And even more so if they are not spending a considerable budget on ads. Images and Video now dominate the newsfeed of your customers.

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Let’s talk and plan a budget and discover your future fans of your brand.