Graphic Design

Louisville Based
Graphic Design Experts

We’ve been making “stop-and-think” graphic design and printed materials for 40 years. Your brand is much, much more than a logo – it is the core of your business. We help organizations develop a brand identity using the right tools and techniques for your individual needs.

Re-Branding projects require exploration, moving past a logo and really creating something that earns audience loyalty. Once we get know your story, we can tell it to others. We’ll create layouts, using colorful palettes and iconography to entice your consumers.

Beneke show flyers
Beneke show flyers

Branding and Print Design

Whether you need logos, letterheads, brochures, catalogs, sell sheets, signage, package design, print ad campaigns, auto wraps, trade show booths, or any other type of collateral material, you can count on Element 502 to make you stand out from the competition.

Branding moves past digital to the realm of everyday life.

We work with customers to make sure their consumers’ experience is better than their competition’s. From digital screens, to display menus, to door signage in their stores, we do it all. Getting a mediocre logo is easy cheap, but having a logo that is memorable and stands above the rest, that’s where we come in.

Beneke Show sign
Beneke Show signs