Case Studies

Pieology Geofence Campaign

They targeted all active mobile devices in a 3-mile radius around the store to send digital ads about the Pieology’s Grand Opening event.

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Novu Geofence Campaign

Using retargeting we continued to send ads to those devices for another month after the convention, effectively keeping our message “top of mind” for weeks.

Liquid Integrity

Liquid Integrity was founded in 2015 with one goal in mind: to ensure that customers taste their beverage of choice as the brewer, distiller or vintner intended. We built a website from scratch. We also integrated videos, coupon codes, an ecommerce component and social media.

Yang Kee Noodle Campaign

Yang Kee Noodle is inspired by the the noodle houses found throughout Asia. With Pan-Asian menu features stir-fry dishes from origins including Thailand, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, and China. Their recipes were developed by renowned Asian chef and partner John D. Castro , Executive Chef of Sullivan University.

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On the Derby Potty Campaign

Our client needed a way to communicate to several ZIP codes in their service region. They needed to notify consumers that they could rent a Porta Potty for their upcoming parties. Why have guests constantly in and out when you could have another alternative?


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