Our earlier post discussed what a web design company does and doesn’t do, well here’s the rest of the story.

For those that are wondering, “what about Capstone Creations?” “What do you guys do?”

I’ll cover a few here for you.

Web Design

We know, shocker huh?

But seriously we take a little care with our designs and how we go about it. We can do totally ground up, or we can do like in our first post, a theme that has a good framework and trick it out so that it fits you and doesn’t look like it was purchased out of the box.

Web Development

If you wondering what the difference is between web design and web development, read our article here.

We will out source or get it done in house if we need to so that your site not only has curb appeal, but works and gathers leads.

Graphic Design

We don’t waste time or play around, we have a awesome graphic team and the ability to create for you a look for your site that goes beyond the web page. We can provide, logos, brochures, and business cards to properly reflect your brand.

Search Engine Optimization (S.E.O.)

What good is a website if you cannot find it on Google?

Though we cannot guarantee page one results and if someone does they’re lying because no one has that kind of a “in” with Google. However, we can improve your ranking and you can see via our dashboard within your site how your getting those leads from Google with Google Analytics. You’ll see how visitors are interacting with your site all while logged in to your site on the WordPress Dashboard.

Social Media

Social Media is about building long-term relationships with your clients. If you choose, we can create for you a custom page design that your clients will love to interact with and continue to share over the social network.

So, is that enough?

Yes we just design websites. But we also offer in addition if chosen, the full ability to tap the power and popularity of the web.

Call us for a Project Evaluation.

What’s a Project Evaluation?

A “Project Evaluation”, as we’ve defined it, is a detailed plan for the work that is to be done on a project, and explains how we do it. We eliminate the guess work, and detail the project out at such a level that the document becomes a living part of the development process, being referred back to and acting as the guide towards the project’s successful completion.

about the author: Jason Davis

I work with experienced internal project teams to move from the specification/mock-up phase to a polished, finished product, I uses my passion to help build brands from the ground up, and defining them in every medium. I’m also directly involved with all our corporate marketing strategies and initiatives.

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